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A simple tool to motivate moms to achieve their goals.

The Whiteboard Challenge for Moms and Mompreneurs

In 2014 I was in my first year of working from home with a direct sales company when they announced that they would be giving an incentive trip to Hawaii to the top earners in the company. At the time, we were struggling financially and I was working hard to build my business to bring in extra income. The problem was that my primary job was as a homeschool mama to our nine kids. I decided that if I had to do the hard work of balancing building a direct sales business and homeschooling our large family, then that Hawaii trip would be a really amazing reward!

I sat down in my small home office and armed with 3 dry erase markers and a whiteboard, I created a goal chart and a plan. I hung it in a place that I would see everyday, and as I completed the steps of my plan and got closer to my goal, I would mark it off on my board. I earned the trip and spent an amazing week in Hawaii.

I believe there are three reasons I earned that trip…

  1. God was so gracious to me during that year. While I appreciated the opportunity to work for an amazing direct sales company, I felt very conflicted over it. It seemed as though it pulled me away from my primary calling of being with our kids, but we really needed the money and I knew that I was supposed to work that business full time that year. God truly expanded my bandwidth to just put my head down and work hard and I felt as though earning that trip was a sweet gift from Him for my obedience.
  2. I didn’t just wish for the trip. I set the goal. I figured out what it would take (how many dollars of sales, how many recruits I would need). Then I made a plan of what I would need to do each month to achieve that goal.
  3. Finally, I wrote it down. Big and proud on that whiteboard. I looked at that whiteboard every day and it motivated me to get the job done.

2017 Whiteboard Challenge

Whiteboard Challenge. A simple tool to motivate moms to achieve their goals.

At the beginning of this year, I was thinking through what 3 areas of my life that I really wanted to see improvement in and needed accountability in. I landed on three words and three main goals.


I was consistently going to the gym three times a week and had established a good routine with it. However, I just couldn’t seem to get to the gym more than that. With 10 kids now, including 3 teenagers, our lives are a chaotic mess of school, errands, and extra curricular activities. But even if I couldn’t get to the gym, I knew I could become more consistent with at-home workouts. And the best way for me to get in an at-home workout is to walk or run. So I set a goal of averaging 10 miles a week of walking, running, or hiking.


I love reading. For spiritual growth. For increasing knowledge. For bonding with my kids. For relaxing. And while I’m constantly finding new books and starting new books, I haven’t been diligent in actually finishing books in the past couple of years. So I made a simple goal. Complete one book a month.


Scripture memory is a beautiful habit that I began 17 years ago under the influence of a dear couple who were spiritual mentors to us. But in recent years, I’ve been less than consistent with it. I also wanted to specifically work on memorizing Scriptures with the kids. So I set a goal of 50 verses memorized (or approximately 1 verse a week).

So, my challenge to you is, What are your 3 goals?

Or do you have one big goal, like my Hawaii incentive trip?

Whatever it is, get yourself a good size whiteboard and some dry erase markers , write your goals down, and create an incentive chart! Hang it somewhere in your home that you will actually see it everyday.

Whiteboard Challenge. A simple tool to motivate moms to achieve their goals.

Finally come up with a plan to accomplish your goal and follow through to achieve it!

BONUS: More details on my 3 Whiteboard Challenge Goals.

Since starting my 2017 Whiteboard Challenge, I’ve had some questions about how I’ve decided to follow through and implement my plan to complete them. Plus, the year is almost halfway over so I thought you might like to know how I’m doing with it!


To implement my plan of averaging 10 miles of walking, running, or hiking a week, I decided to enlist the help of some friends! I joined a team of four other women to participate in a virtual Run the Year 2017 Challenge. Our goal is to complete a team total of 2017 miles in 2017. I walk/run three times a week. One of those is on Saturday mornings when I walk 6+ miles with a group of friends. It was easy to organize a walking a group. I just texted several friends, we decided on a time and meet up location and went with it. Not everyone can make it every week, but we have enough people that there’s always at least someone to walk with on Saturday mornings.

I also discovered that I really liked virtual races. What can I say, I’m motivated by medals! And I’ve found what has now become my all time favorite subscription box…the Flex It Pink Virtual Race Subscription Box! Basically for $29.97 you get a race shirt every month. Every other month is a Virtual Race box and you get a medal and race bib with your shirt! Flex It Pink even sponsors a different charity for each of its virtual races. On the months that aren’t virtual races, you get running swag along with your race shirts. Check out June’s Flex It Pink Virtual Race shirt and medal!

You can purchase individual virtual race packets or subscribe to their subscription box. Unfortunately, the June virtual race is already sold out, but you can still sign up for their subscription box so that you don’t miss out on the next one! If you use my Flex it Pink referral link, you’ll receive a coupon code for 10% off your order!

So, I’m on Week 22 now, and I’ve logged in almost 220 miles. My average miles are at 9.76 a week. I definitely want to get that up to my goal of an average of 10 miles a week by the end of the year, but I’m close enough to call it a success so far!


My goal was one book a month and so far I’ve been able to maintain that goal (plus a couple extra!) If you read my post, Everything You Need to Know Before Your Start Your Bullet Journal, then you may have noticed my Book List page. I’ve used that to keep a running list of books that I want to read or that I’ve started and I simply write the books I’ve completed on my whiteboard.


My goal was to memorize 50 verses this year or one verse a week. But it was also my goal to work on this with my kids. I quickly discovered that one verse a week was going to be too fast a pace for some of my younger kids to keep up with. The ultimate goal was to actually have these verses stored in our hearts and I’m okay if we take a little time to do that. So, I’ve switched my goal to 25 memorized verses with the kids this year. Two new verses a month is a much more attainable goal for our family. I’m currently using one of my very favorite tools for Scripture memory: 100 Verses Everyone Should Know By Heart written by Robert J. Morgan.

100 Verses Everyone Should Know by Heart. Robert J. Morgan

This book lists 100 fantastic bible verses to memorize, separated by topic, and includes a short devotional for each one. I have used this book many times and will continue to use it until I have memorized all 100.

I hope you’ve found this post helpful and that you are motivated to participate in the Whiteboard Challenge! As a busy mama, I know how easy it is to get distracted with life and never get around to actually accomplishing the long-term goals that we have the capability to achieve. The Whiteboard Challenge will help you to identify your goals, make a plan, and finally make them happen!

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