It’s always been a goal of mine to make art a priority in our homeschool. I co-owned a business painting wall murals in my early twenties and  taught art for a couple years before becoming a full-time homeschool mom. Sadly though, art has often taken a back seat in our schedule. But I was determined that would change this school year.

This summer I went searching for the perfect the art curriculum. I really wanted my kids to…

  1. Study great artists
  2. Study and recognize famous pieces of art
  3. Participate in a fun variety of art projects

However, I couldn’t find any one curriculum that accomplished this. Thus, Project Masterpiece was born.


Project Masterpiece: A Hands-On Approach to Studying the Great Artists of the World


Project Masterpiece is a series of 6-week unit studies that includes:


Great Artists

Each 6-week unit focuses on one well-known artist from history.

Art History

We spend time learning about the artist life and work.

Art Study

We study at least six pieces of the artist’s work. Students will work towards recognizing and memorizing the titles of the work, as well as the time period that the work was created, and where the artwork is located now.

Art Projects

Students (and teachers) participate in art projects inspired by the artist. This is the fun part! So be sure to jump in and get your hands dirty. The paint and markers will wash off and even if they don’t, the memories you make with your kids will be well worth the stains!

My goal for the Project Masterpiece unit studies is to keep them simple and whole-family friendly! My students range in age from 3-16. I often use YouTube links and Pinterest projects, making teaching as easy as a click away. We only spend about 5-10 minutes a day on Art Study and usually one 1-2 hour block a week for our art project.





**Please note that the Project Masterpiece is still a work in progress! Below is a list of the Artist units that I’m currently working on and the projected release dates that they will be available on It’s A Wonderful MomLife.


  1. Mary Cassatt (Available Now!)
  2. Leonardo Da Vinci (December 2017)
  3. Norman Rockwell (January 2018)
  4. Vincent Van Gogh (February 2018)
  5. Claude Monet (April 2018)
  6. Georgia O’Keefe (May 2018)


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