It’s finally summer and in our house that means grilled hamburgers, firepit nights, and backyard games! Our kids are growing older quickly and the time I have with them all under my roof is diminishing. So I’ve pushed family time way up on the priority list.

During the summer, our favorite way to spend time together is to load the outside freezer up with popsicles, lather the kids up with sunscreen, and head outside for the day. Last year we invested in several backyard games so I thought I’d give you a list of our favorites.

Our Favorite Summer Backyard Games

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Our Favorite Summer Backyard Games


Slammo Our Favorite Summer Backyard Games

Slammo is sort of like a miniature volleyball game. 2-4 (or 6 or 8 if you always have a large crowd like us) gather around the net. Divide up into two teams. Serve the ball by bouncing it off the net. Teammates have to keep the ball off the ground and serve back to the net (and to the opposite team) within 3 hits. To be honest, we’re pretty horrible at this game and hardly ever play it the way the rules are written, but it’s so much fun that we just don’t care. It usually becomes a game of “keep it up” and we all just team up together to keep it in the air or bounce it off the net for as many hits as possible…which always includes lots of laughs!

Disc Toss

Disc Toss. Our Favorite Summer Backyard Games

Disc Toss is a lot like horseshoes but with frisbees! Two teams pair up to attempt to earn points by throwing their frisbees into the canisters. Your partner can even help you by hitting the frisbee towards the can to redirect it. I love that Disc Toss easily collapses down for portability and storage. Pro Tip: Use a heavy rock on the bottom of each to keep the canisters from being blown over in the wind.

Washer Toss

Washer Toss. Our Favorite Summer Backyard Games

Washer Toss is an inexpensive game that even my toddlers can play. We set usually set it up on the driveway. Players take turns trying to toss the washers into the canvas targets. This game is small enough to even be played inside!

Capture the Flag Redux

Capture the Flag Redux. Our Favorite Summer Backyard Games

I bought Capture the Flag Redux for my oldest son for Christmas this past year. The kids have played a few times and brought it to youth group and played it there as well. They really love it. It’s basically a team strategy game with light up elements that make playing at night lots of fun. It’s best for a large group and a large space.

On My Summer Backyard Games List for This Year:

We’d like to add a couple new games each summer and this year I’m thinking I’d like to go more traditional. We are working on renovating our back deck and patio and I’d really like to add a traditional horseshoe pit area in the backyard. I’m thinking this set will work for that.

Horseshoes. Our Favorite Summer Backyard Games.

We actually don’t have a traditional cornhole set either.

Cornhole. Our Favorite Backyard Summer Games.

This one is really beautiful, but out of my price range. I’m thinking of asking hubby and the boys to make us a set. I’m sure it would be a fun bro bonding project for the guys in the house!

So, what are your favorite summer backyard games?

Let me know in the comments. I’d love to add to our collection!

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