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At Home Date Night YouTube Comedy Hour

Fun At Home Date Night Idea!

It always surprises me when I meet married couples who don’t go on dates together consistently. Chad and I have been married for almost 18 years and we established the habit of date nights really early on. I’ve always been a stay-at-home/work-at-home mom and I think that has probably compelled me to be more insistent on making an out of the house date night a priority. I really felt like I needed to get out of the house at least once a week for my sanity.

But out of the house date nights have not always been convenient for us. For years, we struggled with finding a babysitter. And for years, a once a week date night didn’t work in our budget. But we truly believed that date nights were an important key to a thriving marriage. Instead of throwing in the towel, we decided to get creative. We’d put the kids to bed a little early or let them watch a movie in the other room, and we’d have an at-home date night in the kitchen or bedroom.

Rather than just give you a list of all the fun at-home date nights we’ve had over the years, I’ve decided to start a Date Night In series. In this series, I’ll include printable invites, games, and more so that you’ll be fully prepared to duplicate the date night at home with your spouse. If you have ideas for a fun date night in, feel free to email me at shanna@wonderfulmomlife.com and I might try it out and create a printable package to go along with it!

Date Night In – YouTube Comedy Hour

What You’ll Need:

  • Printable Invite
  • Printable Funny Truth or Dare Cards
  • Cardstock
  • Glue or Double Sided Tape
  • Computer with Internet access
  • Your favorite Drinks and Snack

Date Night-In Set Up

  • Download the Date Night-In printable package at the bottom of this page. (Please Note: In order to access this free printable package, you will need to sign up for my email list. I usually only send one email a week that includes links to latest posts and exclusive email subscriber only deals and freebies. I will not spam your inbox with daily emails. And I will never share your email with anyone.)
  • Print both the invite and Truth or Dare Card pages on cardstock. If you’re in a bind, by all means, just print on regular paper. But I would recommend printing on cardstock. The Truth or Dare game is actually pretty fun and you might decide you want to play it again! There are instructions on the Truth or Dare cards to fold them so that the words are on the back of the cards. Then adhere them with glue or double sided tape.
  • A couple of days before the Date Night-In (or the morning of, if you’re last minute like me!), place the Date Night-In Invite in a place that your husband is sure to see it. You can tape to his steering wheel or the bathroom mirror. Or slip it in his brief case! Of course, if you prefer, you can always hand deliver as well.
  • Pick up you and your hubby’s favorite drinks and snacks. This Date Night-in doesn’t revolve around food, but I firmly believe every good date night includes at least one yummy snack! Pick something simple that you both love and have it ready.
  • Set up your computer and Truth or Dare cards. As I mentioned before, we might send the kids to bed a little early or set them up with a movie. We have teenagers who can hold down the fort for us now, but even when they were all little we would still let them know that Mommy and Daddy were having a date and they didn’t need to bother us unless it was important. We would be sure to stay within earshot and check on them, but we did require them to respect our alone time. Find a place in your home where you and your husband can be alone together and set up your Date Night-In supplies there.

It’s Date Night!

YouTube Comedy Hour is one of our favorite Date Night-In activities and we’ve done this multiple times over the years. It’s simple and free and fun. Simply search YouTube for your favorite comedians and funny videos. Watch them and laugh with your hubby until your sides hurt!

You can decide if you want to play the Funny Truth or Dare Game before, after, or during the Comedy Hour viewing. Personally, I think it’s a fun idea to do it during the viewing to encourage lots of conversation and engagement between you and your spouse. Simply watch a funny YouTube video, then you must each draw a Truth or Dare Card and complete it before starting the next video.

I’m sure you and your spouse have YouTube channels that you think are funny are like to follow already. But if you are needing ideas, I put together the following list of some channels that we really like…

Mr. Arturo Trejo – Sadly it doesn’t seem that he is making videos anymore, but he has a ton on his channel. Two of our favorites are Interview with a One-Year Old and I Hate Soup Song.

Rhett and Link – This best friend duo are probably our favorite internetainers! They have amazing songs like Epic Rap Battle of Manliness and Fast Food Folk Song. They also have a YouTube channel called Good Mythical Morning where they host a hilarious daily 10 minute talk show.

Kids Snippets by Bored Shorts Video – Kid Snippets are funny stories made up and narrated by kids, but adults are doing all the acting. The kids voices are dubbed which make these videos really unique and funny. The homeschool teacher in me loves the Math Class video and the Proposal video is adorable.

Tim Hawkins is a really funny, clean comedian that we’ve seen live several times. We like his Chik Fil A song and Hey There Delilah but my all-time favorite is his Yoga Pants Song.

Finally, we don’t have regular tv so we will often spend some time just watching excerpts of Jimmy Fallon or the Ellen Show.

The fun part about Date Night-In is that you can continue your YouTube Comedy Hour for as long as you like! No one will make you leave after an hour and you don’t even have to drive home!

If you enjoy your YouTube Comedy Hour Date Night-In, please feel free to share this link with your friends so they can have an at-home date night with their spouse too!

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